5 Steps to Master Bulk Long-Term Food Storage Ordering

Food storage is, hand down, one of the hardest parts of prepping. Not only is food expensive, but most families have trouble planning meals for the week, much less an entire year. Fear not! There are ways to tackle the monster that is food planning, and I believe the most effective way to through bulk, long-term food orders. Let me show you how it’s done, then I’ll share 5 tips to save money and maximize effort.

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Prepper Bingo!

Bingo! Does it ever seem like all Prepper fiction stories use the same old plot devices and storylines over and over? That’s because they do. Sooo, we thought it would be fun to make a Prepper Bingo! board. That’s right, every time your favorite Prepper cliche is mentioned, place a little mark on your board to see how soon it takes the author to hit Bingo!

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7 Preps Everyone Overlooks

There are so many things to get ready for TEOTWAWKI we’re almost certain to overlook a few important things we’d wish we had thought of beforehand.

Here I’ve outlined a few really critical items that as a homesteader, I wouldn’t want to be without.

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How to Escape from New York

Manhattan. The city that never sleeps. Home to 3.9 million people crammed on to 22.83 square miles of land enclosed by water. Staying in such a small enclosed area with so many people would mean death in a SHTF scenario.

Come along as we show you how to get off the island.

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