Next Level Tools for Next Level Preppers



Prepper, Developer

Started prepping in the summer of 2012. Found out how fragile our economic system is. He decided to get out of the city, buy some land and start homesteading. Vey is responsible for the design and development of Prepperlytics.



Prepper, Marketing

After Super Storm Sandy dealt her devastating blow to the Northeast, leaving millions without power, fuel or heat, Kimoosabi realized the need to prepare for the unexpected. Kimoosabi is responsible for business development and marketing at Prepperlytics.

Our Story

Friends for almost a decade, Vey and Kimoosabi would often meet up for lunch in a quaint little sushi place in between the offices they worked at.

It was during one of these sushi lunches, circa 2013,  the topic of prepping came up. Having both just started prepping less than a year earlier, they immediately began sharing ideas and prepping strategies.

Over the next few months, they would often teach each other skills they learned; Kimoosabi would show Vey how to shoot his first Glock, and Vey would help Kimmosabi pressure can his first quart of beef stew.

Fast forward to 2017.

The two were talking about the state of the country and how preparedness is moving from just the fringes of society and was starting to go mainstream. They started brainstorming on ways they could create a business to capitalize on their passion and growing interest in the space.

The biggest challenge both Kimoosabi and Vey ran into while prepping was knowing the right preps to spend their money on. There was so much misinformation on blogs and YouTube, they both wasted thousands of dollars over the years on gear they didn’t need.

They decided to build an online tool to help new preppers organize and track their preps; thus Prepperlytics was born!

Prepperlytics has become so much more though. Vey and Kimoosabi have loaded the tool with hundreds of food and gear recommendations, giving new preppers the complete roadmap the guys wish they had when they were just starting out, and providing experienced preppers with the analytics needed to organize even the most sophesticated prepping plan.

Care to drop Kimoosabi or Vey a line? Get in touch with the Prepperlytics team.