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We’ve built a collection prepper-focused organization tools from calculators to inventory managers to to-do lists.

Perfect for the new prepper looking for a complete roadmap on how to prepare, or for the advanced prepper looking to organize their existing preps.

Calorie Calculator

An interactive tool to help you figure out how many calories your family or group will need post SHTF. Don’t guess at how much food you’ll need, know for sure.

Bug Out Bag

Getting out of your house in a disaster might not be easy, but you had best make sure your bug out bag is stocked with essential gear for your journey.


Seed Vault

Your garden will be your lifeline. Make sure you know exactly how many seeds you have stored, and how much food it will produce for your group.

Food Pantry

A customized checklist of recommended foods your family should stockpile. Know exactly how many days worth of food your family has stored.

Gear Closet

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”¬† The fact is being properly clothed and equipped makes all the difference in an SHTF situation.

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Gun Safe

How much ammo, guns and spare parts does your family or group need to protect itself in a world without rule of law? Set your goal and track progress.

Medicine Cabinate

First aid is always important, but when hospitals are closed and 911 isn’t responding, your medical training and equipment is all you have.


Action List Task Management

Create your own customized lists. Track progress as you complete your preps. Share with group members for a collaborative prepping experience.

Take a Tour of Prepperlytics

Watch a demo of how Prepperlytics works.

Track your prepping progress


Organize your preps

Know exactly what you have on hand, and what you need to get.


Calculate for your family or group

Automatically calculates the quantity of each item you need depending on your custom family/group size.

Share Your Lists

Privately share your lists with family/group members, or anonymously share them with the community.

Why Upgrade

Your standard membership gives you access to the Calorie Calculator, Action Lists and the Pantry PLUS our Pantry recommendations.

Premium membership gives you access to all of our tools, plus our expert item recommendations in each tool. This is a complete guide to getting prepared, tailored to the needs of your family or group.

If you’re new to prepping our recommendation lists will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars new preppers often waste on the wrote gear. If you are a long time prepper, you’ll appreciate the time you will save having all of your preps organized and tracked in one place.

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Kicking the Tires
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